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Streamlining Stripe Reviews with Webhooks and Zapier

If your company is handling payments through Stripe, you’re likely familiar with their Radar product, which helps protect you from payment fraud. And if you’re using Stripe Radar, then you may have experienced the issue of receiving a lot of Stripe Review emails. Handling all of these reviews can be time-consuming and difficult to manage effectively, and the Stripe review email doesn’t provide any useful information on its own. Getting one email for each review means they can pile up, and sometimes you might go through all the reviews within the Stripe dashboard, but the emails are still in your inbox demanding attention, as if the review is still open. In this case study, we’ll explore how Streamhacker Technologies helped a company tackle this problem using the Stripe API, custom webhooks, and Zapier.

The Problem: Too Many Stripe Review Emails

The billing team found themselves inundated with a high volume of individual review emails from Stripe Radar. Although these emails were meant to highlight potentially fraudulent charges, they often caused annoyance and frustration. The team observed that by the time they opened some reviews, they were already closed due to another team members action, or by automatic fraud controls that got triggered after the review email was sent. In most other cases, the information they needed to make a fraud determination was found elsewhere, in a separate system, with no direct links from Stripe. This back and forth was an inefficient use of their time and attention, and they needed a better solution.

The Solution: Webhooks and Zapier

We devised a solution that utilized Stripe’s API, custom webhooks, and Zapier to streamline the payment review process.

First, we created a custom webhook to retrieve additional customer information associated with each charge. This information helped indicate which reviews were more actionable, by including things like customer age and product usage metrics.

Then, we created a Zap to do the following:

  1. Get all open Stripe reviews
  2. For each Stripe review
    1. Call the custom webhook to get additional information
    2. Add that information as metadata to the Stripe charge under review, including links to systems with additional information about the customer
    3. Append select information to a Digest
  3. Send a single digest email every morning, containing all the open Stripe reviews, with specific indicators to help decide which reviews require attention
  4. Create a mail rule to automatically close the individual Stripe review emails

The Result: Efficient Stripe Review Processing

After implementing this solution, the team noticed a significant reduction in time spent processing fraud reviews. They were able to quickly identify reviews that required action, analyze the payments and customer behavior faster, and they no longer wasted time opening reviews that had already been closed.


Simple custom webhooks + Zapier = more efficient business operations. In this case, we were able to help the team save significant time and attention by improving their existing payment review process, which freed them up to focus on other business problems.

If you think your team or company might benefit from a similar solution, contact Streamhacker Technologies to see what we can do for you.