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Text Processing API Survey

If you’ve been using the API, or are thinking about using it, I’d appreciate it if you take this survey. Usage of the API has gone up recently (especially sentiment analysis), and a number of people have gone over the 1k requests/day/IP limit, so I’m considering a freemium model and/or commercial licensing for a self-hosted version. So if you’d like to use the API to do more than 1k reqs/day and/or analyze text whose length is greater 10k characters, please take this short survey.

Click here to take the Text Processing API Survey.

Announcing Text Processing APIs

If you liked the NLTK demos, then you’ll love the text processing APIs. They provide all the functionality of the demos, plus a little bit more, and return results in JSON. Requests can contain up to 10,000 characters, instead of the 1,000 character limit on the demos, and you can do up to 100 calls per day. These limits may change in the future depending on usage & demand. If you’d like to do more, please fill out this survey to let me know what your needs are.