A Quick Simple Way to Download All the Images on a Page

You don’t need to write a web scraper to do this, just some simple code and standard linux/unix commands.

  1. Open the page in your web browser
  2. Open the Developer Tools
  3. Paste in the following Javascript
var images = document.getElementsByTagName('img'); 
var srcList = [];
for(var i = 0; i < images.length; i++) {
    srcList.push(images[i].src.split('?', 1)[0]);
  1. Create a folder to store the images
  2. Copy the text output from above into a file & save as images.txt in your folder
  3. Inspect images.txt to make sure it looks right
  4. Run the following commands in a terminal, from your folder
cat images.txt | sort | uniq > uniq_images.txt
wget -i uniq_images.txt

Now all the images from that page should be in the folder you created.