NLTK Overview at SF Python

On September 14, 2011, I’ll be giving a 20 minute overview of NLTK for the San Francisco Python Meetup Group. Since it’s only 20 minutes, I can’t get into too much detail, but I plan to quickly cover the basics of:

I’ll also be soliciting feedback for a NLTK Tutorial at PyCON 2012. So if you’ll be at the meetup and are interested in attending a NLTK tutorial, come find me and tell me what you’d want to learn.

Updated 9/15/2011: Slides from the talk are online – NLTK in 20 minutes

  • Asdf

    hope someone puts up a video 🙂

  • Jbiancous

    any chance of getting this streamed on the web, or at least a conference call number. That would be cool for us folks in NJ 🙂

  • It was recorded, but I have no idea when/if the video will be online.

  • Jbiancous

    Oh, that sept 14; my mistake my brain wanted to see 10/14.  You should put it on your website. That would be cool. No point in recording if no one can see it.