Python Text Processing with NLTK Book Reviews

If you’ve been considering buying Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook, but haven’t yet, below are a couple reviews that may help convince you how awesome it is :)

Jaganadh says in his review of Python Text Processing with NLTK Cookbook at Jaggu’s World:

The eight chapter a revolutionary one which deals with Distributed data processing and handling large scale data with NLTK. (…) This chapter will be really helpful for industry people who is looking for to adopt NLTK in to NLP projects.

I give 9 out of 10 for the book. Natural Language Processing students, teachers, professional hurry and bag a copy of this book.

Sum-Wai says in his review of Python Text Processing with NLTK Cookbook at Tips Tank:

I like it where in each recipe, the author provides extra knowledge on the particular problem, like how a problem can be enhance and solve in another way, or what we need to do if the problem on hand changed, and some extra technical tips, which is very nice and useful.

If you’re thinking about the O’Reilly’s NLTK book – Natural Language Processing with Python, IMHO this book and the O’Reilly NLTK book complements each other. The O’Reilly NLTK book focuses more on getting you to know NLP and the features and usage of NLTK , while Python Text Processing with NLTK teaches us how we would implement NLP/NLTK with tools like MongoDB into solving real world problems.

And Neil Kodner, @neilkod, says:

I’m loving python text processing with nltk cookbook by @japerk, its an excellent companion to the O’Reilly NLTK book

Christmas is coming up, and who doesn’t think about python text processing during the holidays?

If you want a reviewer copy to write your own review, contact Packt at And if you do write a review and want to let me know about it, leave a comment here, or contact me on twitter.

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  • Victor

    How about tackling some Stack Overflow NLTK questions? With a link to the book in your profile, you’d be reaching the target audience for sure.


    Also, have you used PyPy with NLTK? Any speedups to note?

  • Jacob Perkins

    Every now & then I hit up Stack Overflow to answer questions, though I can’t answer the one you linked to. Nor can I speak to PyPy, but checkout another stackoverflow question:

  • Juan Fernández Fernández

    Hello Jacob,

    How much Python background knowledge is needed to follow your text? I am a Spanish linguist with little knowledge of Python. I am used to Gate and similar stuff but now I want to take a step further in NLP and I wonder if your book would be suitable for me.


  • Jacob Perkins

    Hi Juan,

    My book assumes basic Python competency, so it could be a bit difficult for a new Python programmer. The NLTK book, which is free online, will give you more of an introduction to Python, while learning NLTK. So I’d recommend starting there, then maybe coming back to my book, once you’re a bit more familiar with Python and NLTK.